Tri Kappa Scholars of 2014


The Valparaiso Chapter of Tri Kappa values education and is committed to making college attainable for our area young people. In 2014, the chapter awarded a total of $16,000 to High School Seniors.

Marisa Weston (Valparaiso High School)
Jacob Wierman (Valparaiso High School)

Daniel Azar (Valparaiso High School)
Magdalena Barajas (Valparaiso High School)
Matthew Hoyert (Valparaiso High School)
Allison Meyer (Valparaiso High School)
Jeremy Post (Valparaiso High School)
Erin Brown (Valparaiso High School)
Nikki Kouknas (Valparaiso High School)
Nikki Kranjac (Valparaiso High School)
Tiara Lara (Valparaiso High School)

Jordan Berdovich (Valparaiso High School)
Daniel Morris (Washington High School)
Ryan Simpson (Washington High School)

Congratulations to these outstanding students! We sincerely wish you all the best as you embark on your college career.

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