Seedpods to Snowflakes Takes Shape

Valparaiso Tri Kappa proudly presents the Seedpods to Snowflakes design for a mixed media mosaic for the new Central Park Activities Building.

On Saturday, December 13th the community is invited to help make clay tiles at the Valparaiso Boys & Girls Club from 11:00am to 3:00pm.

Tracing the design of the mural at actual size

Tracing the design of the mural at actual size.

We will be imprinting into wet porcelain clay with textural objects. If you have any small objects that can get wet and might leave an interesting texture please bring them. Oftentimes families have brought leaves rocks and old jewelry.

These tiles will then be used in the snowflake portion of the design.

The mosaic, a partnership between Valpariaso Tri Kappa, the Valparaiso Art Advisory Committee and the Chicago Public Art Group, will be installed in Summer 2015.

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