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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Mosaic Video

The NWI Times just published a video about our mural. It’s a nice look into the process and the people behind the artwork. Thanks to the Times for capturing such a vibrant piece of this project. Video

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Save the Date for 25th Annual Taste!

It’s a big one guys! We’ve been at this for 25 years now. How many of you remember the first Taste at Fairgrounds Park? The year was 1991 and BOTH our Co-Chairs were 9 months pregnant. THAT is dedication. Please…

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Tri Kappa Scholarships Submitted

We had a few great candidates sent downstate for the State Scholarships. We appreciate your help spreading the word and helping us find those candidates. We submitted two Academic Scholarships and one in the Fine Arts category. Good luck to…

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Mosaic Takes on Color

Glazing continues this week at the Chicago Public Art Group studio where we applied two coats of clear glaze to the mosaic snowflakes. The glaze, which is green until it is fired in the kiln, will enhance color and give…

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