Apply NOW for Grants & Scholarships

Tri Kappa is now accepting applications for scholarships and community grants. Scholarship applications are due March 4, 2016 to area High School Counselors. Grants are due March 15, 2016 via email.

Tri-Kappa Grant Guidelines 2016

Promoting education has always been a top priority for Tri Kappa. Beginning in 1920, the Iota Chapter awarded four Valparaiso University scholarships of $42 each. Since then, the chapter has contributed almost $400,000 to support educational programs and scholarships. Scholarship applications are available through local High School Counselors’ offices.

Tri Kappa invites grant applications for local non-profit groups serving ZIP codes 46383 and 46385. Application periods are in September and March, with decisions made in October and April. Each organization is encouraged to submit a request for specific funds up to $3,000. Due to high need in the current economic climate, awards are rarely that high, but we do try to award as much as we can based on the pool of applicants, the purpose of the requested funds, and our mission to support Charity, Culture and Education. If your organization meets our requirements (a 501c (3) serving ZIP codes 46383 and 46385*), please send us an email with a contact name, email, and address to trikappavalpo to join the list of organizations solicited for applications.

*Tri Kappa does not fund programs religious in nature, political organizations or candidates, or individuals.

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