Giving the Gift of Reading

The Hilltop Committee was led by Chair Carole Swann this year. Fifteen Kappas volunteered to take turns reading once a month for nine months of the year, September through May to three different classes at Hilltop Neighborhood House. Readers spent about 30 to 45 minutes reading each month.

Carole Swann says her favorite part is, “getting to interact with the children. They are always so loving and enthusiastic for whatever you are sharing with them.  I love watching their growth – physical, academic and emotional.”

As has become tradition, the Kappa readers donate books to each of the children at the end of the year. May 13th, Kappas donated 54 books to the children and 3 to the school classrooms.

Hilltop Neighborhood House was established in in 1996. It is a registered ministry childcare center that serves primarily low-income families. They offer care for children 6 weeks through 5+. 60% of the children served are receiving some sort of financial aid. Costs to families are determined on a sliding scale formula. Kappas have been serving Hilltop almost since it opened.

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