Mayor Costas on Music and the Taste

Mayor Costas is a longtime supporter of Tri Kappa and the Taste. He’ll be singing for his supper next Thursday, May 26th at Tri Kappa’s Taste of Valparaiso. We are so glad to have him and are looking forward to some great music. In advance of the Taste, we caught up with the Mayor to ask him a few questions….

Tri Kappa:  How long have you been playing guitar?
Mayor Costas:  I have been playing and singing regularly since I was about 15.

TK:  What musical artist most inspires you?
MC:  Many.  Jim Croce, Neil Young, Eric clapton, the Beatles, James Taylor, the Eagles and Mat Kearney, to name a few.

TK:  Do you have a favorite song to play?
MC:  I almost always play City of New Orleans by Arlo Guthrie, Bad Bad Leroy Brown by Jim Croce, and Fire and Rain by James Taylor

TK:  Do you have a favorite Taste of Valparaiso memory?
MC:  It was one of the last events I was able to enjoy with my father in law before his passing.

TK:  There are quite a few booths at Taste. Do you have a strategy for maximizing your experience?
MC:  As mayor, I rarely get to eat at events. So, I plan on doing more playing and talking than eating.  But the food is fabulous for sure. Valpo has many awesome restaurants.

TK:  Is there a restaurant booth you are especially looking forward to?
MC:  My official position as mayor is they are all tied for the best.  I have
to be politically and culinarily correct on this question!

Mayor Costas will be playing a 45 minute set at the Taste. Please thank him for supporting the Taste and Tri Kappa’s mission to promote Charity, Culture and Education. We couldn’t make as great an impact in Valparaiso as we do without caring individuals like the Mayor.

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