Kappas Spreading Art and Cheer

In 2016, the Iota Chapter of Tri Kappa rolled out a new set of projects for small community groups. Tri Kappa’s mission is the promotion of Education, Culture, and Charity. Based on the artwork from our “Four Seasons” mural at the Urschel Pavilion in Central Park, Art Committee Chair Linda Eyermann developed a coneflower project and a snowflake project.

So far, Kappas have worked with groups at St. Agnes and Opportunity Enterprises serving about 45 individuals. Kappa Linda Eyermann says, “Watching clients at St. Agnes and OE experience the joy of creating is as rewarding to Tri Kappa members as it is to the sweet artists we assist.”

If you are interested in hosting an art project for a local group, please contact Linda Eyermann at trikappavalpo@gmail.com.

OE Art Project Video

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