Kappas Supporting Local Arts Initiative

Our Tri Kappa December meeting is always a holiday party. We usually visit, eat a nice meal, take goofy pictures, sing a few songs, and run a silent auction with proceeds going toward a local food pantry. This year, we tried a LIVE auction that was so successful that in addition to raising money for a food pantry, we had enough to designate toward a project that submitted for a Fall grant to our Grants and Allocations Committee but because we always get more requests than we are able to fill, was not awarded. Instead, we were able to take our holiday surplus and support two events of the annual Spring Into the Arts program of events. We took an additional collection in March and were able to donate an extra $280 toward prizes for the Film Festiv@l. Tri Kappa’s mission is to support Charity, Culture, and Education in our community. Spring Into the Arts fits perfectly with that goal.

Spring Into the Arts is a month-long program organized by Valparaiso Community Schools  as a celebration of the arts and creativity in our schools. Developed in partnership with local artists, businesses, and the community, Spring Into the Arts will showcase the intersections of art, technology, education, history, and feature local businesses. Artists of all ages and artist styles will be provided with a platform to showcase how art has transformed them and their community. For more information, you can visit www.SpringIntoTheArts.com.

Look for Tri Kappas working at the May 6th, 2017 Valpo Film Festiv@l and the closing Scavenger Hunt, Where Did V@n Gough?, on May 20th, 2017. Kappas will also work a booth with a fun craft project at the Urschel Pavilion May 20th. We’d love to see you there with your young children and friends.


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