Crack the Safe!

86768-mazda3-ppt CRACK THE SAFE

Kennedy Mazda has been incredibly generous this year by donating a 2014 Mazda 3 for this year’s Taste. For $20, each participant has the opportunity to guess the 6-digit combination that will open the safe. If you crack it (and it IS possible), you win a brand new Mazda 3.

The rules are:
1)  Each contestant can only make one attempt.
2)  Contestants must put their name and the combination they choose on a sheet provided by the insurance company prior to their attempt.
3.) There can be a maximum of one winner.
4.) Winner is responsible for paying all sales, state, local and federal taxes.
5.) If we have a winner, we must return the sealed envelope containing the winning combination to the Insurance Company. If the sealed envelope or the safe have been tampered with in any way, the contest is voided, and no prize will be awarded.
6.) The code recorded by the contestant on the sign-in form and entered by the contestant into the digital lock must exactly match the predetermined winning code contained in the sealed prize envelope.


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