It’s Our Birthday!!!

Tri Kappa Iota Chapter celebrates 117 years of service today. Originally formed on February 3, 1903, the Valparaiso Chapter was the sixth chapter of Tri Kappa and originally used the Greek letter Epsilon. In 1904, with 9 chapters in the state, Tri Kappa decided to rename the chapters in order they were formed. The Valparaiso Chapter became the Iota Chapter and today is one of the largest chapters in the state. All told, Tri Kappa has about 8,250 active members and 145 Active Chapters with 102 Associate Chapters.

Just for fun, here are a couple undated photos of our chapter from days past. Thanks to member Dee Malayter for holding onto them.

Meetings used to be a bit more formal.
A little dress-up fun. Notice the legacy member in the foreground.

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