Promoting education has always been a top priority for Tri Kappa. Beginning in 1920, the Iota Chapter awarded four Valparaiso University scholarships of $42 each. Since then, the chapter has contributed almost $500,000 to support educational programs and scholarships. Scholarship applications are available through local High School Counselors’ offices.

Currently, the Iota Chapter awards between $12,000-$20,000 annually in local Scholarships. There are three categories awarded; one Fine Arts Scholarship, several Four-Year In-State Scholarships, and a few In-State Vocational Scholarships.
• 9 scholarships awarded in 2012
• 11 scholarships awarded in 2013
14 scholarships awarded in 2014
11 scholarships awarded in 2015
• 16 scholarships awarded in 2016
• 19 scholarships awarded in 2017
• 20 scholarships awarded in 2018
• 16 scholarships awarded in 2019

The Iota Chapter has submitted qualified candidates for the  State Tri Kappa Scholarships since 2016. We were pleased to note that our local candidates won 1 Fine Arts State Scholarship and 1 Academic State Scholarship in 2016-2018 and 1 Academic State Scholarship in 2019.

High School scholarships will be announced via local Award Nights at VHS, Wheeler, and Washington Township. Check high schools for dates.

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