Promoting education has always been a top priority for Tri Kappa. Beginning in 1920, the Iota Chapter awarded four Valparaiso University scholarships of $42 each. Since then, the chapter has contributed almost $500,000 to support educational programs and scholarships. Scholarship applications are available through local High School Counselors’ offices.

Currently, the Iota Chapter awards between $12,000-$20,000 annually in local Scholarships. There are three categories awarded; one Fine Arts Scholarship, several Four-Year In-State Scholarships, and a few In-State Vocational Scholarships.
• 9 scholarships awarded in 2012
• 11 scholarships awarded in 2013
14 scholarships awarded in 2014
11 scholarships awarded in 2015
• 16 scholarships awarded in 2016
• 19 scholarships awarded in 2017
• 20 scholarships awarded in 2018
• 16 scholarships awarded in 2019

The Iota Chapter has submitted qualified candidates for the  State Tri Kappa Scholarships since 2016. We were pleased to note that our local candidates won 1 Fine Arts State Scholarship and 1 Academic State Scholarship in 2016-2018 and 1 Academic State Scholarship in 2019.

The application process is closed for 2019. High School scholarships will be announced via local Award Nights at VHS, Wheeler, and Washington Township. Check high schools for dates.

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